Executives seeking opportunities to work where they play

Glen, NH — Call it the Green Acres effect.

New Hampshire’s population is growing faster than anywhere else in New England, due in part to urban professionals moving their businesses and families to more rural areas. The latest U.S. Census information, released in June, shows a surprising population increase in areas like New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley, largely known for its outdoor activities and natural beauty. While other Northeastern states saw a 5.5 percent increase in population from 1990 to 2000, New Hampshire grew at a rate of more than 11 percent, and continues to grow.

As newcomers arrive from places like Massachusetts and New York, Mount Washington Valley is adapting in response to these city dwellers seeking to relocate. Riversong Luxury Office Condominiums, now in the preconstruction sales phase in scenic Glen, is a perfect example of the real estate changes coming to the valley.

“I moved up here about seven years ago,” says Riversong developer Dale Lydigsen, “to get away from the congestion, and be closer to skiing and other recreational opportunities.”

Lydigsen, owner of Penchant Publishing, has had office space in the New England Executive Park and Chestnut Green Office Condominiums, both near Burlington, Mass. Neither, he says, offered the quality of life he was seeking. Affordable property values, along with the advent of high-speed internet access and availability of a highly professional workforce, have allowed his business to thrive in Mount Washington Valley without the stress and crowds of a city. What was missing in the valley, he realized, were commercial properties that combined the valley’s small-town charm with a prestigious business environment.

“Mount Washington Valley has always been a great place to live,” says Lydigsen. “Now people are realizing it’s a great place to work, too.” In response to the increasing demands for upscale office space, Lydigsen is creating Riversong, by converting what was previously a warehouse into the most luxurious business space in Mount Washington Valley.

A sign of the valley’s changing economic face, Riversong is not a rental property, but a business investment. It allows professionals to design and own part of an outstanding, modern facility, without the need to remodel an older building or line someone else’s pockets with high monthly rents. Riversong will allow entrepreneurs to focus on business, while maintenance and landscaping teams keep the property in sparkling condition.

Riversong owners will benefit from the property’s amenities, including high-speed internet connections and open-concept floor plans. Each office condominium includes a loft, providing generous space and flexibility. Unlike anything else in Mount Washington Valley, Riversong is situated just 20 feet from the pristine Ellis River, in a well-designed, sophisticated venue.

“I’m looking out my sliding glass door here, and the river is literally 20 feet from my window, and there’s a man out there fly-fishing right now,” said Lydigsen.

Professional landscaping and 600 feet of river frontage border the structure, while hardwood floors, private patios and 12- to 14-foot ceilings denote Riversong’s distinctive, elegant look. Large windows throughout the building draw in an abundance of natural light.

Once the state-of-the-art commercial space is complete, Riversong will provide a new level of sophistication in Mount Washington Valley, from an easily accessible location in Glen on Route 16. Ample parking, prominent signage, and outdoor lighting will greet customers and clients, while an attractive common area and floor-to-ceiling windows await them inside. Top-quality construction is marked by energy-efficient Monitor heaters, air conditioning, and soundproofing.

New Hampshire’s steady population growth is expected to continue, as urbanites continue to seek the quality of life offered by places like Mount Washington Valley. This puts Riversong at the forefront of a growing trend among professionals looking to work where they play. Ownership opportunities at Riversong start at $179,900 for 1,000 square feet, and options for custom-built space are available.

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